Thursday, December 8, 2016

US Life Expectancy Has Dropped

Doesn't surprise me. From my 2012 post: Why Life Expectancy Will Decline Under ObamaCare
 I have consistently pointed out that ObamaCare will result, within two to three years of its implementation, in a decline in life expectancy in the United States.

This is chiefly because ObamaCare looks at healthcare from the macro-position of its proportion to total GDP, without allowing for individual choice.

Because the structure of ObamaCare will be decisions at the macro-level in a structure that will be co-opted by the politically connected parts of the health care industry, the connection between patient and individual care will continue to be cut.

It will have little to do with cutting costs since the connected healthcare providers will not see their costs cut, but this will mean even more drastic cuts for those providers that are not as connected. Thus, the scale of treatments and the quantity supplied of the scaled-back treatments will decline. This will ultimately result in earlier deaths.


  1. I have connections in the health care world, especially hospitals. Prices are severely distorted and innovation seems to be dead.

    How do you explain this: my son falls, gets a concussion, tries to go to one of those better-care facilities. Those places are great, but they don't have permission to do anything. He MUST go to a hospital emergency facility. You get there, sit for 4 hours with a room filled with people NONE OF WHOM have an emergency condition that anyone can see. On top of this, there is NO TRIAGE going on. None. You would have to appear to be dying before getting immediate attention. Also, why doesn't a nurse see everyone who comes in and send 90% of them to a better care facility? Because a nurse (or likely even a doctor) does not have PERMISSION (from bureaucrats) to do this.

    This is orwellian and nobody seems to notice.

  2. This is one of the only reasons why I think Trump *might* end up being better than Clinton (if he doesn't manage to get us into WWIII (although Clinton was running on basically TRYING to start WWIII). If Trump and the Republicans repeal Obamacare and don't replace it with something just as bad -- or worse -- it will possibly extend all out lives. I realize they're not going to implement a true free-market system, but Obamacare has already been a nightmare.

  3. Oh, people notice alright . . . when a loved one dies in the care of certificated ghouls. Nurses get the brunt of the anger because they're low man in the big pharma totem. Except for emergency care, people would be well advised to keep friends and loved-ones out of hospitals. Nothing they can do that you can't fix at home. The fury that relatives experience when doctors sequester your mom or dad from the comfort of home and family that leads prematurely to their death is captured in horror pics, the only socially acceptable way to tell of real-life horrors done by oh-so legitimate institutions.

  4. forgot to mention, another odd: at the hospital, there seems to be constant talk, memos, meetings about cost cutting, but no real action. If you bring something up that would save money, they just look at you funny. As if to say "We don't ACTUALLY cut costs here. We just write memos about it". At a private employer, it's the exact opposite. There are never meetings and memos about it - it's just in the culture.

    Weird. I'm convinced there's a connection to govt. intervention, but I can't really see it. I think you'd need to spend weeks or months investigating the monstrosity to figure it all out.

  5. An additional explanation: people are getter fatter and fatter from lack of exercise and lack of enough real vegetables and fruit in their diet. Processed and junk foods are increasingly easier to buy.