Thursday, January 26, 2017

BREAKING: Trump Will Call for 20 Percent Tax on Imports from Mexico to Pay for Border Wall

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said this afternoon that rewPrewsident Donald Trump intends to pay for for the wall he is planning to build between the United States and Mexico by imposing a 20-percent tax on all imports from Mexico.

It was not clear exactly how the Trump administration would impose the new tax on Mexican exports. But Spicer said it would be part of a broader plan to tax imports from countries with which the United States has a trade deficit, like Mexico.

“If you tax that $50 billion at 20 percent of imports – which is by the way a practice that 160 other countries do – right now our country’s policy is to tax exports and let imports flow freely in, which is ridiculous,” Spicer told reporters. “By doing it that we can do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall just through that mechanism alone. That’s really going to provide the funding.”

(via The Washington Post)



  1. What would also easily pay for the wall is using 2% of the current $590B DOD budget. Or 20% of the $55B R&D budget wasted on the F-35... There are 7,000 reserve Seebees that could be put to work building something that doesn't enable mass murder.

    That 20% increase on Mexican goods will be paid by US consumers... Not Mexico. :P

  2. Byebye Cuervo, hello Jim Beam. See, it works!! /s