Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chinese President Xi Jinping Slams Trump Protectionism: 'No one will emerge as a winner in a trade war'

Without mentioning President-elect Donald Trump's name, Chinese President Xi Jinping went into a heroic defense of free trade, slamming the protectionist world view of Trump.

Speaking in Davos at the World Economic Forum, he said that China "will open our arms" to the people of the world and welcome them on board the "express train of development".

"We should say no to protectionism. Pursuing protectionism is just like locking oneself in a dark room. No one wins in a trade war," he said.

"Whether you like it or not the global economy is the big ocean that you cannot escape from," Xi said.

Xi is the first Chinese leader to ever speak at the annual Davos meeting.

(via The Telegrapgh)


  1. You know it's bad when the incoming US president is worse on economics than communist bureaucrats.

    1. In fairness to real and proper communists like those in Venezuela, I think the Chinese are phonies in terms of communism! ;)

    2. OK touché. I guess I should have said "nominal communist bureaucrats who deviate from communist economic policy just enough to ensure there's something left to parasatize." Still sad, though!

  2. The head communist's heroic defense of free trade? LOL.

  3. Beijing - the land of 160,000+ state owned businesses