Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Climate Fearmonger Models Wrong: Airborne Carbon Dioxide Collapsing

The models used by climate fearmongers to suggest that carbon dioxide will fill the atmosphere and create "climate change" appear to be way off. Despite the continued increase in fossil fuel emissions, the growth rate of airborne carbon dioxide has been falling for nearly 15 years. It is now lower by approximately 20%!

In other words, the models of doom created by climate fearmongers are wrong at a very fundamental level.

From the World Economic Forum:
Between 2002 and 2014, plants appeared to have upped their game, pulling more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than in previous decades. The below chart, released this month by researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, shows the growth rate of atmospheric carbon. As you can see from the red line, levels rose between 1960 and 1990. The blue line, however, shows them stalling significantly following 2002.

The experts were puzzled. Human activity was still polluting the air, but the amount of man-made carbon that lingered there appeared to be in decline. “That portion that stays in the atmosphere – that’s called the airborne fraction," said Trevor Keenan, co-author of the report, "and that has reduced by about 20% over the last 15 years.” The reduction is clearly visible in this next chart, where the airborne fraction thins out after 2002, breaking with the historical upward trend.

So what's going on? Humans haven't stopped emitting huge amounts of noxious gases, and carbon dioxide hasn't stopped accumulating in the atmosphere – it's just that lately, strangely, the rate at which it accumulates is slowing down, or at least holding steady.
 The reasons for this aren't yet quantified, say the team at Berkeley Lab.



  1. As water temperature goes down, more gasses can dissolve in it. I suspect average ocean temperatures have dropped, therefore more CO2 has dissolved into the oceans. This is just speculation though, I have no evidence to support this conclusion.

  2. I just want to point out that this shows a declining rate of increase, not a decrease in co2. For a decrease to happen, the graph for the rate of increase would have to go negative. Not a negative slope of the graph, but actual negative values. A leveling off of the atmospheric co2 growth rate just means the rate of increase is constant.

    1. Yes, a very important point. But that fossil fuel emissions are increasing with a leveling off of in the growth rate of CO2 is not how the "climate change" models forecast developments.

    2. Agreed. There must be some problems with the models.

      I believe a graph of the rate of increase in co2 emissions would have a positive slope. So there must be some mechanism that is absorbing CO2, such as Oceans, plants, maybe chemical rxns that have increase with increasing concentration.

  3. "Humans haven't stopped emitting huge amounts of noxious gases" Loaded language or WHAT?
    Checked a tailpipe lately? Read some Eric Peters. I'm old enough to remember smog. Outside of China, younger people have no idea how far we've come towards a cleaner world.

    1. That's the mis-characterization of CO2. CO2 is noxious, it's a life giving gas. The earth has been CO2 starved so man has taken hydrocarbons from the bowels of the earth to make more. Plants grow as a result.

      Even though they must scarmonger, NASA admits it:


      On the automotive note, modern technology allows exhaust to often be cleaner than the intake air. Buy a new car and drive it, it's actually processing the pollution that was already in the air it took in.

  4. Just as the the collapse of the Keynesian model in the 1970's and the collapse of the socialist model in the 1980's ended Keynesianism and socialism, we can now look forward to the end of "global warming", because reality is always stronger than dogma and emotion.