Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Terrible News: Larry Kudlow Unlikely to be Named Head of the Council of Economic Advisers

Larry Kudlow, too sane for Trump

The potential for someone with relatively sound economic views ending up as part of Donald Trump's economic advisory team seems to be slipping away.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
Mr. Trump hasn’t...tapped anyone to chair the Council of Economic Advisers. Transition officials considered CNBC commentator Lawrence Kudlow for the job, but he appears unlikely to receive the post because he has been critical of Mr. Trump’s trade positions, according to a person familiar with the discussion.
John Carney, who recently joined Breitbart to develop a finance and economics section for the online news organization has recently stated that Kudlow will write for him in the new section.

That leaves Trump with economic advisers who are 100% batshit crazy protectionists. Kudlow would have been a voice of sanity.


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