Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump We Are Going to Build a Wall and Mexico is Going to Pay for It

At today's press conference.


Mexico's peso weakened to a historic low of 22 per dollar, shortly after  Trump began his news conference in New York.


  1. With a double digit unemployment rate, all 'open border' libertarians know we need more one way immigration of third world peoples with contagious diseases to the US. Of course, the Border Patrol is not allowed to do its job and companies are not allowed to check anything without fear of being called 'da rasis'. That could cut back some of it.

    1. You like to joke about it, but this is an issue. Even with legal immigration, Cisco and others layoff thousands and then lobby Congress for more H-1B's though we don't need anymore immigration of any type. Yes, some foreigners do create some startups but its not the norm.

      Now if other countries like Mexico would like to make it easier for Americans to compete in their country, then let's talk about that.

    2. Why don't you follow the rules and get the constitutional amendment passed that gives the federal government authority over immigration?