Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Goldman Sachs Crony Who Prevented Larry Kudlow From Getting the CEA Chairman Position

Gary Cohn
The Wall Street Journal tells us:
[Former Goldman Sachs president Gary] Cohn is rapidly assembling a growing portfolio that could solidify his influence in the [Trump] administration for the long term.
Apparently, this influence has already resulted in his derailing Larry Kudlow from getting the position of chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

The Journal again:
Among the ways he is amassing influence is interviewing candidates for a range of White House appointments, including top posts at the Fed and regulatory agencies. He sidelined some campaign advisers, including Larry Kudlow, the CNBC commentator who had been considered last year for the still-unfilled CEA post, according to people familiar with the matter.
Kudlow isn't an Austrian school economist but he is in favor of free trade and is generally free market and anti-tax, though with a supply-side bent.

He would have been much better than any economic advisers currently around Trump but apparently, Trump economic policy, when it isn't going protectionist crazy, is going to be run exclusively out of 200 West Street.



  1. Trump's love affair with Goldman Sachs is a mystery to me. Yes, he needs experts in various fields but Trump has to realize that a Goldmanite's allegiance will always be to Goldman Sachs and cronies. Not to Trump and certainly not to the American people. What is Trump's thinking?

    1. Probably because the word "gold" is I'm the title.