Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump Signals Tariffs Coming

In a late Friday night tweet, President Donald Trump signaled that tariffs are coming.

As Walter Block has put it, just because someone shoots a hole in your row boat doesn't mean you should shoot a second hole.

All that tariffs imposed by the U.S. will do is raise prices and shrink supply for Americans.



  1. Sounds like an argument my 6-year-old would make.

    1. Well, El Trumpo speaks like a 6-year-old, so it is only fitting his economic arguments are no more sophisticated than that.

  2. Furrinurs pay high taxes. We should pay high taxes, too, or it isn't fair!

  3. You should count the many times Trumpistas argue on Facebook, be it in the FEE page or CATO or The Independent Institute, that trade only makes sense when the 'playing field is level'. Of course they're not talking about trade but about subsidizing local or nationally-based Buggy Whip manufacturers and the mythical "American Worker®" whose job must be saved for the sake of national greatness.