Tuesday, February 28, 2017

VIDEO Uber CEO Gets Into Heated Argument With One of His Drivers

Uber driver Fawzi Kamel and Uber boss Travis Kalanick raged at each other in San Francisco, after the driver claimed he was hurting for money because the company kept changing its business model and charging less and less for rides.

“I lost money — $7,000 — because of you,” Kamel — whose dashboard camera caught the encounter — told Kalanick after he brought him to his destination on Feb. 5. “I’m bankrupt because of you.”

“Bulls—,” Kalanick retorted.

When Kamel tried to explain why lower fares have led to him making less money, Kalanick reacted angrily, telling Kamel that his problems are his own fault.

“You know what. Some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own s—,” Kalanick fumed, before slamming the door. “They blame everything in their life on someone else.”

 RW note: Kalanick's argument is correct here, although he didn't put it in the most diplomatic fashion. I'm sure he would like to charge $100 per ride but the market just won't support that.

Kamel is making the same error the Pope recently made in thinking it is corporations that set prices rather than the market.

(via NyPo)


  1. bet that is the last time kalanick takes an uber ... now that he personal conversations have been posted on the internet. looking at his body language in the video he appeared to be high on something ...

  2. Yes, the market does set prices, but at some point people are not going to work for nothing. I looked at Uber and Lyft one time; not that great of a deal for the wear and tear on your vehicle.

    I know though you libertardians believes in the gospel of cheap at whatever the cost.

  3. Uber is setting prices. Uber is taking investor funds and using those to operate at a loss and eliminate competition. If the market price for rides was below the operating cost to provide them then Uber will never see a profit even if it reaches 100% market share. It and its competition will cease to exist if we are looking at market prices. The only reason to invest in Uber is to believe that the market price for rides is higher than the operating costs and will be charged once the competition is removed from the market.