Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dick Morris: The Fatal Flaw in the GOP Healthcare Plan

Obamacare should be replaced with free markets. That is not going to occur under Trump. He has no appreciation of free markets. He is a staunch believer, although he doesn't realize it, of what Ludwig von Mises called the F├╝hrer Principle.

That said, there are some parts of the GOP healthcare plan than are worse other parts, Dick Morris in this clip drills down into one of the core problems:


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  1. While these are good points, they are in no way the fatal flaw in Obamacare or Traubamacare. The fatal flaw is causing the demand for health services to increase dramatically past the supply/demand balance point (and why medicare in the '60s started this problem). Costs have to massively increase, and any law that encourages this, much less just leaves it in place, will ultimately fail just like Traubamacare.