Friday, March 17, 2017

Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin Warns About Potential Government Economic Data Manipulation

Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin appears to be concerned that the Trump administration may be willing to manipulate economic data.

There is already one report out by The Wall Street Journal that says that the Trump administration is considering changing the way it calculates U.S. trade deficits, a very edgy (read: dishonest) shift that would make the country’s trade gap appear larger than it has in past years.

Rubin says, "We now have an environment in Washington in which there seems to be a reasonable number of people who would like to fit the facts to their policies rather than starting with the facts."

Video of Rubin's comment here.



  1. So more business as usual then?

  2. Oh, NOW he tells us. Must be a brand new thing, eh?

  3. It has never,never, ever, been done before.

  4. The attacks on Trump have left statists vulnerable. They have in a less than two months taken what has been dismissed as "paranoid conspiracy theory" from libertarians for decades to be genuine fears of what Trump has done or might do. It's a small gap between Trump and state in general. Now how to bridge it?

  5. Too bad Hillary lost. She had far too much integrity to ever do this sort of thing.