Thursday, March 16, 2017

German Finance Minister Sent Package Containing Explosives; Mailed From Athens

Wolfgang Schaeuble
A package containing explosives addressed to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and intercepted yesterday in the Finance Ministry’s mail room was sent from Athens, Bild reports.

The parcel contained chemicals often used in fireworks and could have caused “serious injuries” if someone had opened it, Berlin police said in a statement on their website.

The return address on the parcel was that of a member of the Greek parliament, Bild said.

"Sadly, it’s true, it’s my address," Adonis Georgiades, the parliamentarian, told Bild in an interview. "The terrorist or terrorists have no doubt used my name because I’m considered in Greece to be a friend of Germany and of Mr. Schaeuble."

The packet was discovered Wednesday morning in the ministry’s mail room in downtown Berlin, prompting a partial evacuation of the building.

The Greeks, by the way, don't need to send explosives in the mail, all they need to do to blow up EU banksters and their operatives is to default on Greek government debt.


(via Bloomberg)

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