Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It’s Morning in America with a Thousand Points of Light in this Ownership Society that will Make American Great Again.

By Jack Perry

Evidently, the easily-misled masses bought the Trump speech hook, line, and sinker. Wow. His speech writers probably used Ronald Reagan Speech Cliff Notes and people believed it! Fascinating! Bravo! Next, he can consult the Magic Eight Ball for economic advice and the Ouija Board will call up the ghost of Richard Nixon to advise him on foreign policy. Generally, something over 20 years old is considered a “classic”. Well, Trump’s speech certainly qualifies since this is the same crap Reagan said.

This guy has been in office a few days over a month and he already wants one trillion dollars! Who does he think he is? Barack Obama? He must have the Reagan astrologer up in there who’s branched out into séances and conjured up the ghost of Eisenhower. Since he mentioned the man in terms of the interstate highway system he built. Which, by the way, was not Eisenhower’s invention. Those were the brainchild of the Germans during World War Two, which is where Ike saw them. So, Congress needs to cut a check to Trump to the tune of one trillion dollars to repair infrastructure. What, is Mexico going to pay for that, too? Or will it pay for itself like the Iraq War?

And the military, oh yes, what a noble endeavor to vow to outspend everyone else before him on defense. Excuse me, but who is this new arms race about? The only way to get into an arms race with ISIS is to match them suicide bomber for suicide bomber. Somehow, I don’t think many Americans will volunteer for that. On the other hand, I read about 70% of Americans were encouraged by Trump’s speech, so perhaps there is hope to match them after all since both things take blind devotion.

Pardon me, but exactly where is all this money going to come from? The United States is about twenty trillion dollars in debt right now. Now, if Trump plans to cut taxes, again, where’s this cash going to manifest? I noticed Trump mentioned Abraham Lincoln in regards to his trade plans. Boy, he had to go back clear to the 1860s to hustle up some support! We might as well see what Millard Fillmore had to say while we’re getting into the Golden Oldies. But back to the spending, again, where is this money going to come from? Oh, right, we’ll make cuts. Sure! He’ll just add to the numbers of the unemployed he cited in his speech. Now, yes, we do need to make cuts. But not to scrape up a couple bucks to waste on something else!

This is Republican Party corned beef hash, cobbled together from Reagan and every Republican after him, with a dash of Richard Nixon thrown in to give it kick. This is nothing new. Billions of dollars will be unaccounted for, vanished without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle we call the Pentagon. All kinds of gee-whiz weapons system that are not effective against guerillas. My gosh, Iran pulled off one of the most effective airstrikes against ISIS using 50 year old F-4 Phantoms they patched together via cannibalizing several planes. It probably cost them less than the price of just the radar of an F-35. Too bad the United States doesn’t have a radar to detect the Perfect Storm of federal spending that’ll destroy the prosperity of three generations to come.

It’s Morning in America with a Thousand Points of Light in this Ownership Society that will Make American Great Again. Or, great, great again. It’ll just take a trillion dollars here, a couple trillion there, a bigger military, and probably a couple wars we won’t win despite the bragging that we will. Hilarious.

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