Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trump's Commerce Secretary Wants a Higher Minimum Wage -- in Mexico

Wilbur Ross
Here's more evidence that the Trump Administration is not anti-NAFTA because it is not free trade enough.

In a television interview Friday, billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross argued that one of the problems with NAFTA is that the minimum wage in Mexico hasn't climbed as fast as it should.

"The theory of NAFTA had been [there would be a] gradual convergence of living standards between Mexico and the United States," he said on CNBC. "That really hasn't happened on the Mexican side. The minimum wage...has barely gone up in peso terms."

What a clown, the minimum wage does nothing but increase unemployment, providing more incentive for his dreaded undocumented to attempt to enter the United States.



  1. Wow. He actually seems to think that the minimum wage is the criterion by which to judge overall living standards.

  2. I doubt he actually believes this. More likely, he believes a higher wage in Mexico would allow American businesses to better compete against them.