Sunday, April 23, 2017

CEO of Peter Thiel-Backed Palantir Slams Trump as a ‘Bully’ Who Brags About His ‘Fictitious Wealth’

This is super fascinating.

In newly released footage, Alex Karp, the CEO of Palantir Technologies—a Silicon Valley startup chaired by billionaire Donald Trump booster and self-proclaimed "libertarian," Peter Thiel—slammed the president as a “bully” who brags about his “fictitious wealth.”

The video, obtained by BuzzFeed, shows Karp speaking at a 2015 staff meeting.

“I’ve had the rare opportunity to meet Trump, which I turned down—I mean, this is off the record—but like, I don’t respect, like, I respect nothing about the dude,” Karp said according to the footage. “Like, you could almost make up someone that I find—it would be hard to make up someone I find less appealing.”

The CEO also theorized then-candidate Trump lies about his wealth.

The entire video is must viewing. BuzzFeed reporter, William Alden, goes well beyond Karp's comments and provides us with concerning insight into the data collection that Palantir does for various global government agencies.

Also note, the video, in addition, shows Karp discussing machines of the future that "displace jobs,' which is an economically illiterate view.


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  1. "the video, in addition, shows Karp discussing machines of the future that "displace jobs,' which is an economically illiterate view."

    Karp's views here are perfectly fine ... if you listen to what he actually says instead of getting suckered by Wenzel's attempt to misrepresent his words.

    Karp is saying that millions of people will lose their jobs (true) due to competition from jobs done with better automation. These people will be anxious and angry, and will look for easy scapegoats instead of rolling up their sleeves and looking for new jobs (almost certainly true). Karp, being a wealthy man, would be an easy target for scapegoating in this context (true). Hence, Karp has well-founded concerns about his personal well-being in a future where machines "displace jobs"

    Will Wenzel edit his post and issue a correction?