Sunday, April 23, 2017

NOT GOOD: Freedom Caucus and Moderates Working on a Healthcare Plan

This is just terrible news.

Larry Kudlow is reporting that according to his sources, Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows has "been in discussion and successfully negotiating" with Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from Maine, and they have been agreeing on a number of issues.

They are so close in fact that the House could get a vote next week or soon after.

It is very difficult to believe that "moderate" Republicans would support anything close to free market healthcare.

Expect a healthcare to continue to be crony and centrally planned.

Collins is big when it comes to government healthcare meddling.

She founded the Senate Diabetes Caucus and has since led the effort to more than triple federal funding for diabetes research.

Just last week she put out a press release discussing legislation she recently introduced:
"That is the legislation I introduced in January with Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, a physician who has practiced in public hospitals virtually his entire career,” Senator Collins said. “Our compromise attempts to give more power back to the states and bridge the partisan divide, but it requires states to keep the consumer protections of the ACA. It also requires coverage for substance abuse and mental health disorders, and given our opioid crisis, that was a provision I made sure was in that bill.”
She is just moving the statist chips around the interventionist table. Under her plan, it would be another level of government that will run the interventionist healthcare government program, the states.  Of course, with the federal government dictating the terms under which insurance companies would be required to write policies. If the Freedom Caucus buys into any of this it will be a typical D.C. sellout.



  1. Well, waddya know? Lucy jerked the football away. Soooprize sooprize.

  2. "Susan Collins says she's not talking health care with House conservatives"

    "U.S. Sen. Susan Collins denied Friday that she’s been talking with the conservative House Freedom Caucus about a possible health care bill.

    The Maine Republican said she “choked on my cereal” when she saw that CNBC Senior Contributor Larry Kudlow had claimed she’d been “in discussion and successfully negotiating” with the caucus chairman, U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C.

    Collins, who is trying to shepherd a health care measure of her own through the Senate, said as far as she can remember, she’s never even met Meadows, let alone had any substantive discussions with him.

  3. Politics is the art of the possible. 99% of people are not libertarian. The criteria to use is will this bring us closer to liberty.