Friday, April 7, 2017

There is Now a "Goldman Sachs Wing" at the White House and Trump's Son-in-Law is in on It

Jared Kushner, an honorary member of the "Goldman Sachs Wing" of the White House.

From the Wall Street Journall:
Mr. Kushner has aligned himself with Mr. Cohn and another top aide, Dina Powell —known as “the Goldman Sachs wing”—whose more moderate, globalist views have come into conflict with the economic nationalism espoused by Mr. Bannon, said one person with knowledge of the situation.
Bannon is pretty wacky on trade so it is good to seem him being pushed aside on that but the emergence of the "Goldman Sachs wing" suggests the crony Wall Street crowd is going to be running economic policy and they are about one thing:

For their pockets.


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