Monday, May 29, 2017

A MIRACLE: Pope Francis Praises Businessmen

On Saturday, the Jesuit-trained left-leaning Pope Francis praised businessmen.

Speaking to workers and business people in Italy’s port city of Genoa at the Ilva steel plant, he said:
There can’t be a good economy without good businessmen, without their capacity to create and to produce.
 “The world of work is a human priority,” the Pope went on to say, “and it’s also a priority for the pope. There’s always been a friendship between the church and work, starting with Jesus, who was a worker.”

He then said that state intervention wasn’t a real solution. “A monthly check from the state that allows you to keep the family afloat doesn’t solve the problem. It has to be resolved with work for everyone.”

He did, however, attack "speculators."

 “A sickness of the economy is the progressive transformation of business people into speculators,” Francis said. “A speculator is a figure similar to what Jesus in the gospels called ‘hired-hands’ as opposed to good shepherds.”

Of course, the Pope does not seem to be aware that, much of the type of speculation he is most likely thinking about, occurs as a means of survival, the result of central bank manipulations of the money supply.


(via Breitbart)

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  1. I have a vision of the Pope waking up the next morning in horror: "What was I thinking??" Perhaps he'll "clarify" his remarks soon, and wash away what little he gave.

    If I'm wrong, then Thanks, Pope.