Sunday, May 28, 2017

BREAKING Trump Calls for More Government Healthcare Spending Than Under Obamacare

Here it is, folks.

We are not moving in the direction of free market medical care. This is centrally planned healthcare.
Not good.



  1. Perhaps there is a bright light to the leftist tranny nonsense. Maybe we can all start "identifying" as non human beings and avail ourselves of the relative free market of veterinary medicine instead.

  2. I was under the impression that Congress directed and controlled taxes and spending. In my eyes Congress has taken a vacation from its duties.

  3. @#$%^&*! Trump is giving way too much ammunition to RW, to whack at those of us who expressed preference to T over Hillary before the election. I protest!

    (I didn't vote for either and still consider H more frightening, not to mention corrupt, than T, as horrible as he's been)

  4. Never let it be said that Trump learns from other's mistakes. Has there ever been a President before who so completely changed their platform when going from candidate to President?