Monday, May 22, 2017

German Immigrant Welfare Joke (Or is it a joke aimed at German workers?)

European Parliament member, from Poland, Janusz Korwin Mikke’s latest joke (he has been fined for hate speech and barred for a period from representing the EU..even though he was elected.):

A Somali immgrant has arrived in Berlin. He stops the first person he sees and says:

“Thank you German! You have given me a home, money, food, free health care, education and I pay no taxes!”

The person says: “But I’m not German…I’m from Afghanistan…”

The Somali stops another person and says: “Thank you German! You have saved me!”

“Sorry, sir, I am from Iraq…”

The Somali goes up to someone else and starts his thanksgiving…

“Sorry -I’m Pakistani”

Finally, the Somali goes up to a woman and says:

“Sorry, but …maybe you are German?”

“No – I am from India.”

“Oh come on!” says the Somali, “where are the Germans?”

The Indian woman looks at her watch:

“Oh – they are all at work at this hour.”



  1. It's very sad, and criminally wasteful, that Europe's onerous business regulations make it so difficult for its economy to absorb new, different workers. And to what end?

  2. Google search does not back this up. Lot of stuff on Janusz Korwin Mikke saying women less intelligent than men and some hits on Mikke asking if we have to shoot immigrants, but nothing on this joke or him being barred from representing the EU due to it.

    1. You need to learn some Polish and Google more:

  3. It would be a funny joke except that borders are statist and racist. Autism wins.