Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg: Give Free Money to Everyone

Nobody talks as much nonsense as Mark Zuckerberg did in this speech who isn't considering running for office.

It sounded like a poll-tested speech to me. The tell wasn't universal income, hell any guilty rich kid is for that. It was when he started to talk about fewer people in prison. You see this babble from all sides including the Koch brothers,

To be sure, the US government is horrific in the number of people they put in prison and the reasons for which they do so, but there is a lot of other things the government does that are horrific--a lot--but you never hear about them from the poll-tested speakers.

It sure looks to me that he is planning a run for office on a Ted Kennedy type platform.


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  1. I think Zuckerberg's idea is just fine -- as long as HE is the one providing free money to everyone. If his idea is to use government force to see to it that _I_ provide money to everyone, whether or not I think they're worthy of charity, then I have a problem.