Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Obama Gets Multi-Million Dollar Pay Day for Speech at Crony Food Plotters Conference

A conference in Milan, Italy funded in part by KPMG, Deloitte, Ther Israel Export & International Cooperation Institue, the European Commission, the European Parliament and various George Soros organizations just heard from former President Obama.

The Seeds and Chips Conference paid Obama 3.2 million in chips for his appearance.

Other speakers included Kerry Kennedy, president Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, Devon Klatell, associate director The Rockefeller Foundation, Stephanie Strom at New York Times, and David Wilkinson director The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

Speech topics by these global potters included:

Vision and innovation at Starbucks, Amazon, Ahold Delhaize, Deloitte and...

Climate change and the food system

The impact of AI on the food system

Food Solutions for growing cities

The power of big data in food

Packaging: sustainable, smart and… ?

3d Food Printers: from novelty to necessary



  1. I don't believe these companies are paying millions for Obama's personal healing aura. They are not paying for the perfect knowledge of The One. What are they paying for?

    Obama is the leader of the Democrat party. Companies have a high expectation that Obama will be directing the Dem party in the future. I guess these firms are paying for two types of protection.

    (1) So that the Dems don't mount an injurious, populist, campaign against those companies in coming elections. There will be a few jibes, but nothing very bloody.

    (2) To avoid being an enemy in the Dems return to power and the reengineering of the US government so that the Dems never lose again. Those companies are paying off its longer term master.

  2. Where is it reported that he will be paid $3.2 million?