Monday, May 1, 2017

What is Really Wrong With the Trump Presidency

Gary North nails it:
The Trump Presidency is demonstrating clearly to anybody who bothers to pay attention that nothing is going to change in Washington, except possibly to get worse if he gets us into a war. Any hope that a Trump supporter has that anything fundamental is going to change in Washington is simply another example of people believing that the Punch and Judy show in Washington has anything to do with the real power in Washington, which is the power of unelected bureaucracy.

There are two ways to reduce the power bureaucracy. One is to cut their budgets. This is never done. Second, politicians can repeal the law that created the agency. This is also never done. The power of administrative law continues to expand. Congress is peripheral once it passes a law...

Trump is not philosophically committed to limited government. It would take a philosophically steadfast President to repeal ObamaCare and pull out of NAFTA. Trump is not a philosophically steadfast President.
As I have emphasized, unless Trump's tax "reform" is balanced by cuts in the size of government it is just more of the same. The swamp monster will be fed.

The biggest problem with Trump is that he has convinced a lot of people that he was going to change things---many still believe it and attempt to justify any Trump government expansionist move. In many ways, he is just what the Deep State needed. In a very sophisticated manner, the mainstream media hate of Trump is a perfect Deep State false flag.

There is nothing that the Deep State fears from a Trump presidency.


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  1. Finally some one put it in simple terms that almost anyone can Grok. Thanks Robert.