Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Amazon Will Let Customers Try On Clothes Before Buying

The New York Times reports:
 For many people, buying clothing online is not worth the hassle of getting a pair of pants or a shirt that does not fit. Many retailers have sought to eliminate that risk by offering free returns on clothing, but now Amazon is going even further.
On Tuesday morning, the company revealed a new program called Prime Wardrobe that allows people to order clothing — from three to 15 items at a time — without actually buying it. Amazon will charge them only for the items they keep. Customers can return the items they don’t want in a resealable box with the preprinted shipping label that the order came in.
Bezos is such a creative guy when it comes to free markets, I have no idea why he is also such a deep state creep.



  1. Bezos is good at copying. He's not the first to offer this type of service. There are several out there. There's value in knowing what to copy, but don't give the man credit for ideas that aren't really his.

    1. Not only is he good at copying but his only tool to bring to the table is adoption based on economies of scale.

      Oh and he got that from Walmart. I dont know why I keep waiting for more out of a one trick pony.

  2. Right, doesn't make those that do, ethical and moral though.