Friday, June 9, 2017

An Unsolicited Email From an EPJ Daily Alert Subscriber

An EPJ Daily Alert subscriber sends  an unsolicited email:
I've been an Alert subscriber almost two years now and i've gotten tremendous value from being a subscriber. At a certain point, I had to admit to myself that just because I understood economics, this didn't automatically make me a knowledgeable investor. I've tried a few different investment newsletter type services before (and followed advice from a few "Austrian-Lites") that were no better at picking stocks than I was.

Besides the stand-alone value in receiving a daily update about what's going on in the markets, the recommendations have been spot on (both overall portfolio recommendations and quick-trade opportunities) and my portfolio has been much stronger since i've been an EPJ subscriber.

Keep up the good work -- It's great to know the advice is coming from a sound Austrian-analyst that doesn't get sucked into the perma-bear mentality. I'll be a reader for a long time so I hope the Alert doesn't go anywhere.

Here are four different ways to subscribe to the EPJ Daily Alert.

Note: Past spectacular recommendations and forecasts do not guarantee future spectacular recommendations and forecasts.


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