Friday, June 9, 2017

British Millennials Push the UK Toward Socialism

More U.K. millennials tried to register to vote ahead of yesterday' general election than before the Brexit referendum, reports Bloomberg.

About 2 million people 34 or under attempted to sign up in the five weeks before the May 22 registration deadline, up 20 percent on the comparable period before the EU vote. On Monday of this week alone, 246,487 young people registered to vote.

Some estimates suggest that turnout for 18-24 year olds was as high as 72 per cent. And exit polls show that the overwhelming majority of them voted for the left socialist party, the Labour Party, led by the far left Jeremy Corbyn.

According to a piece last year by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett of the Guardian, millennials are "furious about...generational injustice."  That's the kind of perspective government education creates. It is all about central planning and class battles. Corbyn feeds directly into this view and the British kids are eating it up.

He has stated, for example, that if the Labour Party were to gain control and he became Prime Minister, college tuition fees would be completely abolished through legislation from 2018 onwards. He wants higher taxes, more government spending and, of course, is politically correct. He also wants a cap on CEO salaries and rent controls.

Corbyn, reports Bloomberg, "has nurtured a cult-like following by taking his party back to its socialist roots."

And thus another indication that globally we are far, far from a general appreciation of free markets and a Private Property Society.

Fortunately for the Brits, it appears the crony and dim strategic thinker Theresa May will continue as Prime Minister, rather than being replaced by Corbyn, by forming a coalition with the Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party. The party is close to the right wing of the Tories and its pro-Brexit wing but is mostly concerned about Northern Irish issues.

But the kids are gaining influence and it appears few of them are familiar with the defects of socialism, ably detailed most recently by Thomas DiLorenzo in The Problem with Socialism.



  1. I'm not sure the debt levels in UK, but over here I see no reason millennials shouldn't push for as much social welfare as possible to try and collapse this house of cards. Social Justice Warriors for hyperinflating the debt away! Is that bad theory? Not sure how else to pay off 84 trillion and counting. Or why millenials are responsible for paying debt accumulated by past generations.

  2. British millenials desperate to make the U.K. the next Venezuela.