Friday, June 2, 2017

Here are the Indications That Trump Pulling Out the US Out of the Paris Accord Was a Very Wise Decision

The elite and cronies are beside themselves.

First up, Elon Musk:
Bye, bye, Elon.

From the Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney:
A Report on Clinton hugger Tim Cook:
Here's a bit from the man who saw JFK's head move forward:
And this is Lloyd Blankfein's first tweet ever:

Here is some pretty good commentary from Jan Helfled.



  1. Just wondering if he actually has pulled out of it or if he's just saying he will as one of his "negotiating tactics".

    Of course Musk, Blankfein, et. Al. don't like this- there is big time crony-capitalism in this sector. Let's see the investments all of these guys are in and maybe we'll understand why. Musk, for starters, just built ( or is it still in production?) a monstrous electric vehicle battery factory.. and makes electric cars... and sells solar panels. Hmmm, Why would he be upset?

  2. Jan Helfeld is well worth watching. Five minutes.

  3. The one good thing he's done so far