Saturday, June 24, 2017

Larry Kudlow Supports Taxing Your Taxes

I don't think Crazy Eddie (Antar) with the help of his accounting mastermind cousin, Sam Antar, would ever think of trying to pull this off.



  1. Oh boy. Then it would be possible to have a total tax bill of >100% of income. Now THAT'S what I call equality!

  2. California and other high tax states would collapse. How willing are people to be double taxed on 14% of their income? Here in nevada i expect an even bigger group of Cali refugees than usual.

    The silver lining is that it's an idea so ludicrous and so craven that I suspect even pro tax liberals will start to get angry.

  3. Person A (let's call him Larry) and Person B (let's call him Barney) walk up to you on the street. Person B is wearing a costume, with a gun and a shiny piece of metal on his shirt. Person B pulls his gun on you, while Larry says hand over your money. In a PPS, does Larry get killed?

  4. "Capitalism breathes through loopholes"

    Ludwig Von Mises