Sunday, June 4, 2017

This is San Francisco's Tenderloin

The horror of this area is caused by government regulations, crony non-profits that benefit by keeping things just the way things are, and phony government programs to help the downtrodden.

A tourist staying at the San Francisco Hilton or the Nikko Hotel, who makes a wrong turn, quickly ends up in this area within a block---it then goes on for blocks and blocks and blocks.

The Tenderloin land, in a free market, would be some of the most valuable land in the world and quickly developed. The ragged sometimes insane residents of the area would be handled by real charities that would help them, not the phony stuff now operating with government to oppress.



  1. Thank God that San Francisco's stringent housing regulations have preserved the Tenderloin.

    1. If you are a rat, a morbid person, a SJW, or anything in between, it's a great place to be!

  2. I seem to remember when the Dem convention was in town, they swept all that scum off the streets and hid them under a bridge. Where's an earthquake when you need one?

  3. A ghetto preserved and protected by progressivism. I can think of no finer monument.