Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Comment to Walter Block on the Loyola Economics Program

The below email was sent to Dr. Walter Block:

Dr. Block

 I came across your posting on Wenzel"s EPJ about Loyola"s economic program, and I wanted to send you an email to applaud your work and to encourage you to keep up the good work as a professor to both those in school and out of school. In particular, this quote jumped out at me, "Loyola must be one of the very few universities in the entire world where all the professors in the economics department are heavily oriented towards Austrian (free market) economics and libertarianism. An incomparable advantage of our program is that we ensure students are taught ALL schools of economic thought (including Keynesianism and neo-classical economics) and political philosophy (including socialism and communism)."

While I am no longer a student, I do regret not experiencing similar departments in my economic studies through undergraduate and graduate school. Maybe I was just daydreaming or not taking good notes, but I can"t ever recall a discussion covering Menger, Mises, Hayek or Block. All of my knowledge and education about Austrian economics came post graduate school thanks to authors such as yourself.

Meanwhile in my professional career (G-SIB), I have concluded that Austrian economic thought does not get the credit it deserves either.

Keep up the good work. I thoroughly enjoy reading your works and listening to your presentations.


> Kxxxxxx

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