Friday, July 14, 2017

Thank You, Donald Trump: Monthly Federal Spending Tops $400 Billion for First Time

Real monthly federal spending topped $400 billion for the first time in June, when the Treasury spent a record $428,894,000,000, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today, notes CNSnews

Prior to June, the record for federal spending in a single month was held by March 2017, when the Treasury spent approximately $392,816,000,000.

As the Treasury was spending a record $428,894,000,000 in June it was taking in approximately $338,660,000,000 in taxes—thus, running a deficit for the month of $90,233,000,000.



  1. What happened in 2015 to cause spending to increase? What actions or appointments of Trump caused spending to increase? Did this chart cause Trump, or did Trump cause this chart? Are you trying to look biased?

    Please share your insights underlying this fact about spending. Could Obama have had anything to do with this? It was the end of his administration, and more likely that the growing effect of Obama's policies affected spending, rather than the new policies of Trump's.

    We can't know from what you have posted.

    1. If there is truly 350 million people in the US then the numbers come out like this...
      $1225.41 in spending per person
      $967.60 in taxes per person (remember the rich pay most of this)
      $257.80 deficit
      Also it does not matter who is or was president. The president is a used car salesman. The country has destroyed the only thing it needed to survive. It's economy.