Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why Donald Trump Never Washed the Windows at Trump Tower

The latest edition of Sunday Morning with Robert Wenzel:



  1. I've pointed out in other forums I love being subsidized. I'm glad Europeans and Alabamians are dumb enough to subsidize me flying Airbus jets. Same for Middle East 3 Airlines. Though it is dumb I subsidize others through Ex-Im Bank.

    Another point. Since government exists, I think it is more logical to tax at its borders (tariffs) than internally. However, as we know, these people just do both. I'm more in favor of Customs Houses than IRS agents.

    Eric Morris

    1. I a in favor of tarring and feathering the agents of both, then liquidating all of they their assets to pay back they their victims. Tax men, like rapists, murderers and assassins, are subhuman.