Friday, August 25, 2017

Macron Vows to Cut Back on Makeup Expenses

During his first three months in office, the 39-year-old French President Emmanuel Macron’s personal makeup artist, Natacha M., has billed the Elysée Palace 26,000 euros – more than $30,000.

According to NyPo, after the weekly Le Point reported the story, the palace said Natacha was hired as “a matter of urgency.”

The official acknowledged the bill was “high … but less than his predecessor’s.”

Former President François Hollande was accused of “shampoo socialism” — shelling out 30,000 euros for makeup per quarter, along with a monthly bill of 9,895 euros for a personal barber, Le Canard Enchainé reported.

His aides promise that his future cosmetic outlays will be “significantly reduced.”


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  1. I'm sure he's giving it all to his walking corpse bride to make her look like she's only in her late fifties.