Monday, August 7, 2017

"News of the Week from Trump Tower in New York"

Kayleigh McEnany  left CNN on Saturday and is apparently now the anchor for a news report for some kind of Trump news network.

On Sunday morning, Trump posted on his Facebook campaign-tied page a video with this comment:
Join Kayleigh McEnany as she provides you the news of the week from Trump Tower in New York! #MAGA #TeamTrump
Here's the video, which has an old Soviet propaganda feel to it. McEnany seemingly hails Trump every time she exhales.

For the record. the employment situation including more jobs and declining unemployment has been ongoing long before Trump came into office.

Despite what McEnany would have you believe, this trend has nothing to do with Trump.

As for the Raise Act, it is absolutely horrific. I have already had my say on this.



  1. Wow, it's dripping with subjectivity. And I thought the MSM was bad - this was far worse. But is it any different than the current MSM propaganda minus the polished nuance?

    On the subject of a Trump news network, I remember reading a story about 9-ish months ago predicting that, win or lose, Trump would use his political anti-MSM popularity to start a news network of his own ($$$).

  2. Isn't competition a good thing? Wikileaks exposed the MSM for colluding with politicians, so what's wrong with another news outlet? I'm fairly pro-Trump. I would much rather watch someone report on the good that comes from his policies as opposed to NPR (or similar) where the default narrative is always negative.

    1. "I would much rather watch someone report on the good that comes from his policies..."

      Is it a report on the good that is coming from Trump's policies, or is it telling people how good something is/will be for Trump's sake. Positive results can be corroborated by trusted non-news, objective sites. Propaganda is usually found out by those sites if allowed, legally, to exist. Hence Wenzel's critique of the Trump message.

      Remember, the Democrat's theme song during the great depression was 'Happy Days Are Here again'.

    2. Re: Matt A,

      Pretending that a Trump channel is supposed to compete with other news outlets is like saying the VA exists to compete with other hospitals.

    3. Francisco,

      It's more like saying that we should support The Bloods because they compete with The Crips.