Monday, August 7, 2017

Trump's Anti-Trade Adviser Says Big Six Months Ahead for Attacks on Trade

Trump's anti-trade warrior says big six months are coming.
President Donald Trump's administration is gearing up to deliver “amazing actions” on trade policy in the next six months, despite the recent delay in the Section 232 investigation results, according to National Trade Council director Peter Navarro, who is the point man for anti-trade policy at the White House.

“By the end of the next six months—by the time we get to exactly a year from inauguration—these next six months, you’re going to see just the most amazing actions on trade that have ever been done by a sitting president,” Navarro told radio host Laura Ingraham last week. “And the first six months have been a way of setting all of that up.”

The Section 232 investigation remains “on track,” he continued.

“The delay, as it were, is the Department of Commerce must finish its investigation under the 232 statute. If (Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross) comes in with a finding that national security is harmed, then the president can act, so we’re waiting for that report,” Navarro said. “The Secretary of Commerce is doing a measured, detailed job, but that’s what you have to do.”

These guys are clueless when it comes to trade. They have no understanding of even the basics.

(via AMM)


  1. They don't understand much about national security either.

  2. Please keep me safe from all the affordable consumer goods, Peter!!!