Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Peter Thiel Not Happy With Trump's White House Performance

BuzzFeed is reporting that Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel has said publicly that Trump’s administration is “off to a terrific start.” Privately, he’s told friends that there is a 50% chance the current presidency “ends in disaster.”

From BuzzFeed:
The sources who talked with BuzzFeed News spent time with Thiel in private group settings before and after the election at his homes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hawaii, engaging in candid discussions on the PayPal cofounder’s politics and his backing of Trump. At one event with friends in January 2017, Thiel said of Trump’s presidency that “there is a 50% chance this whole thing ends in disaster,” according to two people who were in attendance. In other conversations, he questioned the president’s ability to be reelected.

Thiel, through a spokesperson, did not deny any of the quotes attributed to him by his friends and associates when approached by BuzzFeed News...

Even with his low expectations and his views on possible failure, Thiel hasn’t completely hidden his disappointment. At an event in May in San Francisco, he was described by one guest who was in attendance as “annoyed” with the first months of Trump’s presidency. With little policy being established by the White House, Thiel worried that the the next four years would be defined by stagnation and stressed the notion that he didn’t think Trump would be reelected.

In describing the administration, Thiel used one defining word in front of his guests: “incompetent.”

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  1. ─ In describing the administration, Thiel used one defining word in front of his guests: “incompetent.” ─

    Oh, that Thiel; he is so polite. Isn't he so polite, to a fault?

    Yeah. I would've said: "It's full of good-for-nothing charlatans who understand politics and economics not one bit."