Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The New Social Justice Warrior NAFTA

Laurence M. Vance writes:
Worse than the old one. Canada wants a “more progressive” NAFTA that includes new chapters on gender rights and climate change. NAFTA, old or new, is not about free trade. A free-trade agreement would take a page, not 1,000 pages. NAFTA is about government-managed trade. Managed trade is not free trade.

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  1. He's right of course, BUT to the extent that trade agreements prevent governments from imposing trade restrictions, they are good.

    If Trump had attacked trade agreements along lines such as these, that they didn't permit enough actual free trade, I might have been able to get on board. But instead he made it clear that he viewed them as obstacles to the implementation of his mercantilist tariff schemes, so I'd prefer that they stay in place (for now.)