Wednesday, August 2, 2017

These Are the Kinds of Questions That Come Into the EPJ Daily Alert

Q. Instead of  positions on ETF IYF ( financials ) I have positions that I purchased [following your advice to buy in] during the Brexit  small crash ( MS and GS)..só would you recommend to sell those shares too or not ?

Q. I confess that I am fascinated by your technique to calculate money supply and use it to help predict market troubles. I wanted to see how it fared in past crashes. Of course I have read "The Fed Flunks" and thus am aware of your brilliant play-by-play the summer of 2008. But I was mainly curious about the crash of 1987.

I used your formula to calculate the 13 week quarterly NSA M2 money supply for all available data from the Fed going back to 1981. Money supply was elevated in the 8-10% range for almost the entire second half of 1986 but started to fall dramatically in the first half of 1987 until finally bottoming out in April in the 2% range. It then stayed at those low levels until well into October.

Had you already developed your method of calculating money supply back then, and if so were you able to foresee the trouble in the markets?

Q. I'd like to switch my subscription to an annual one. My current 3-month subscription expires.

What options are available to perform this switch?

Q. I just purchased a subscription for my dad but when I paid it did not ask me for his email.  I already have a subscription for myself (at this email address) so need the new subscription sent to  How do I change this?

Q. Given your concerns on the market, should I consider selling my San Francisco single family rental property that I purchased in 2013 on advice from you?  I purchased for 665k, with about 500k mortgage outstanding (4.65% rate).  Zillow values the property at 1.2 million, that puts us up about 500-600k (thank you!).  The rent I'm getting more than covers expenses (mortgage, taxes, repairs, etc).

Should I take the money and run?  Are there any other options I should consider with the property, such as extracting equity to purchase other assets?


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