Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why Do the Super Rich Promote Socialism?

(ht Kurt Nimmo)


  1. I can't afford to be a communist.

  2. Precisely. That's why when someone says "Socialism doesn't work" I invariably reply "Works for who?".

  3. Gary Allen was the conspiracy theorists' conspiracy theorist. He wrote "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" - a kind of underground classic in its day. He also did "The Rockefeller File" - not as well known but worth a read. Regardless of specific conspiracy claims his argument that super-capitalists have more to gain than to lose from socialism is certainly defensible. Non-conspiracy theorists like Hilaire Belloc have made this claim too. For example in Belloc's "The Servile State" where Belloc claimed the impact of socialist legislation on a pre-existing capitalist society was ultimately to reinforce plutocratic rule and provide a machinery for ultimately enslaving lower class masses.