Sunday, August 20, 2017

Why You Really Need to Go 'Full Wenzel'

James S. emails:
Hi Robert -

Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your new YouTube series.  I'm an ALERT subscriber & phone subscriber and I've purchased all of your courses.

People need to understand how VALUABLE your content is.  If someone REALLY pays attention - they can become very savvy in many areas of life in a hurry.  People may see your blogs and think of you as a stuffy economist or crazy libertarian.  I would challenge any reader to start taking a deeper look at your material and also to take a flyer on ANY of your paid services - ALERT, blogging, how to get a sfj, Investing, etc. or even your new YouTube series because they will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of knowledge they can gain that will help them immensely in the game of life, not just economics and political theory.  That's what I love about your blogs and courses.  Whether you're giving tidbits on how to stay safe walking on a street at night, how to really get a super fantastic job, how to win in a crony environment - it's all amazing information that can get a person to the next level if they apply it correctly.

Keep it coming RW.


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