Monday, September 11, 2017

VIDEO: UC Berkeley Cop Tickets Hot Dog Vendor; Takes All His Money

A U.C. Berkeley police officer confiscated money from a food vendor's wallet while citing him for operating without a permit. It was caught on camera.

According to ABC 7, the video was shot by UC Berkeley alumnus Martin Flores as U.C. Berkeley police cited the food vendor after Saturday's football game between Berkeley and Stanford.

The vendor, who goes by Juan, asks for the money back but is given a notice to appear in court instead.

U.C. Berkeley police confirmed the officer took the vendor's money and booked it into evidence.
vendor's money and booked it into evidence.

The original video has, as of Monday morning, been viewed 11 million times

Flores has started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for Juan's legal defense.

The goal was $10,000. It's raised more than double that.

Flores and the vendor Sunday night before an interview with Telemundo. 
A campaign has been launched by UC Berkeley student Vicky Zamarripa  to remove the copper involved from the UC police force: Remove S. Aranas #76 from University of California Police Department.

It should be noted that while UC police harass hot dog vendors, on several occasions UC police and Berkeley police have stood down during protests which allowed pro-Trump protesters and Antifa counter-protesters to go at it, which resulted in significant property damage in the city.



  1. You might find this story I wrote on the permitting process of a hot dog cart in CA interesting.

  2. How many years does armed robbery in California get you?