Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Socialist Candidate for Minneapolis City Council Breaks Fundraising Records

Ginger Jentzen
In the era of Trump, socialists are gaining in popularity.

The average donation to first-time socialist candidate for Minneapolis City Council Ginger Jentzen is $25, and she accepts no corporate money. She's running on a platform of citizen oversight of the police, rent controls, and a $15 minimum wage. She's outraised any other candidate in Minneapolis history, reports BoingBoing.

Jentzen cites Kshama Sawant, the socialist member of Seattle city council who successfully introduced a $15 minimum wage to the city, as her inspiration for getting involved in city politics.

The kids mistakenly view the crony populist, mercantilist Trump as simply a capitalist and hold the confused simple-minded view that the only alternative is socialism.



  1. --- In the era of Trump, socialists are gaining in popularity.---

    Of course they are! We told those "libertarians" for Trump that this would happen and it is happening. Trump is now the face of Capitalism for at least a full generation to come,whether we want it or not, and is such an easy face to attack and demonize.

    1. Exactly. Libertarians we're much better off having Hillary win cause her whole agenda would have been bottlenecked in Congress with a GOP Congress. And for some libertarians that say what about foregin policy. Name one thing thing Trump has done in foregin policy that Hillary would not have done in terms of the warfare state