Saturday, October 28, 2017

Bannon Wants Big Tech Companies to Be Regulated Like Utilities

President Trump's former top adviser and current Breitbart News executive chairman, Steve Bannon, is the worst type of economic nationalist.

In his view, it is all about planning trade, planning free market immigration, and even planning high-tech companies.

John Carney writes at Breitbart:
Bannon has said that some of the big tech companies should be regulated like utilities. Others in the economic nationalist movement would go further and break up the largest tech companies, perhaps by prohibitting those that own communications technology from also owning commerce and media entities.
Bannon has no appreciation for free markets. When Friedrich Hayek wrote The Fatal Conceit, he had people like Bannon in mind, people who hold the remarkable view that they themselves can centrally plan large swaths of the economy and society in general.

Most alarming, reports indicate that Bannon still speaks by phone with Trump regularly. What a horror show those conversations must be.



  1. Funny how the longer one listens to a right-populist the more socialist they sound

  2. "Bannon has no appreciation for free markets. "

    Wenzel finally admits that the US economy is a true free market. Time for Wenzel to close shop and take his whining elsewhere? Maybe he should focus on other countries more?

  3. Wenzel says, "secession is bad. we need to do cost benefit analysis before passing judgment. even alliances with socialists must be considered seriously."

    However, when it suits his argument, his tune changes to "no excess in a fascist economy is beyond criticism. alliances with the right to explore pushing back against the excess are beyond consideration."

  4. Corporate state anyone?

  5. --- What a horror show those conversations must be.---

    It ain't har to imagine considering the complete and utter hostility with which Bannon talks about free market economics and Trump's love affair with American-style Juche.

  6. This is still better than Hildebeast. She would have shut down RW here by now and sent him to Guantanamo for wrong think.

    I'm for Fecesbook, Google, and such being regulated as public utilities. They like statism except when it is against their agenda.

    1. Because surely putting the state in charge of them will cure them of their statism...

  7. It's not just him. Neocon Victor David Hanson has advocated much the same thing. I mightn't agree with VDH's call for regulation, but his political analysis of "why the Silicon Valley robber barons support the Democrats" seems credible.