Saturday, October 21, 2017

GOP Congress Presides Over Highest Spending Since Obama’s Stimulus

Oh yeah, drain the swamp, shrink the government, Trump.

Real federal spending in fiscal 2017, which ended on Sept. 30, was higher than in any year in the history of the United States other than fiscal 2009, which was the year that President Barack Obama’s $840 billion stimulus law was enacted, reports CSNnews.

While it was collecting the third highest total tax revenues in U.S. history, the federal government ran a deficit $665,712,000,000 because of its high total spending.

Total federal spending in fiscal 2017, according to the Treasury, was $3,980,605,000,000. Total federal tax revenue was $3,314,893,000,000.



  1. Yet people continue to believe conservative BS that they are for fiscal sanity. I look forward to the standard "Not real conservative BS" that I remember from the Clinton years

  2. Congress's extravagance illustrates our luck that we have a President who wants to drain the swamp.