Saturday, October 21, 2017

How Baghdad Hassett Makes His Crazy Claims About How Beneficial Trump Tax Reform Will Be

Baghdad Hassett: "Let me explain." 

Martin Sullivan provides the rules that CEA chairman Kevin Hassett uses to make outrageous claims that Trump tax reform will benefit middle-class taxpayers by $4,000:

[1] First state
facts that casual observation and simple logic easily support.

[2] Cite in your discussion studies, preferably peer-reviewed work of respected academic economists, which support your results.

[3] Do not mention that many of these studies are subject to academic criticism.

[4] Do not mention that there are many other studies that find contrary results.

[5] Do not mention that there is any case enormous uncertainty about the results (that almost all the underlying studies freely admit). Instead, leave the impression that the stated results are authoritative.

[6] Finally, use supportive studies to produce easy-to-understand estimates that nontechnical readers like politicians can use in sound bites and journalists can use in headlines.


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