Wednesday, October 18, 2017

INSANITY ALERT: Socialist Wants Seattle To Take the Next Step Toward a Municipal Bank

Socialist Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant wants to allocate $200,000 in next year's budget to study the feasibility of a public bank in Seattle, reports The Stranger.

The study would "focus on the legal issues and implementation details," including the "actual feasibility of a public bank, the participation of surrounding municipalities, banking requirements, the ability to provide community benefit lending and the ability to handle cannabis business deposits," according to Sawant's proposed amendment to the 2018 city budget.

A socialist with her own bank, oh yeah.



  1. Socialism has no legs left. It's being attacked from all angles. Let's stop attacking it and focus on more important matters:

  2. Has importing this person from the 3rd world brought us closer to a libertarian society?

  3. Well they can just model it after the Bank of North Dakota. Been humming along just fine. They also have a well functioning Socialist Flour mill.

  4. I think an independent city-state of the People's Democratic Republic of Chief Seattle might improve the lives of the people in the rest of Washington. Plus, this socialist bank could finance the inevitable replacement of the people's football stadium where the faithful, welfarists and warfarists, will mostly still sing the National Anthem and without irony scream "Land of the Free", before they take the socialist roads and proletariat transit home.

    Eric Morris

  5. I think they should open a bank. Maybe that will give them some taste of the real world. And, it should replace ALL the politicians and bureaucrats involved in receiving and disbursing funds. Let them meet all the regulations of the FDIC, SEC, etc. etc. etc. Then, they will not have time to dream up any other "great ideas".

  6. As long as they settle up their debts with gold or silver as the Constitution requires, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?