Thursday, October 12, 2017

Koch Brothers Go On Attack Against Tax Deductions

Part of President Trump's tax reform plan calls for an elimination of various tax deductions that will ultimately result in an increase in taxes for approximately 30% of taxpayers, some studies have determined.

It will also, according to various studies, result in an average decrease in tax bills of only between $5.00 and $30.00 a year.

Various organizations are against this crony tax reform but the Koch brothers are fighting the groups.

A group backed by Charles and David Koch, known as The Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, has launched a television and digital campaign attacking those opposed to the bogus tax refor. They label them as bad guys and as being "business and lobbyists."

The Koch group is, however, in favor of cuts in corporate taxes.

Below is one of their spots which both Trump and Baghdad Hassett will be happy with.


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