Friday, October 20, 2017

North Korea’s Elites and Their Exposure to Creature Comforts Overseas


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  1. Have not had a chance to watch these videos but have listened to Michael Malice in a number of interviews. Malice likes to tell how he witnessed a wealthy N. Korean woman being dismissive to cop/guard asking to inspect her papers (ID, etc.). While most N. Koreans would be submissive in the same situation this woman was on her mobile phone and waving her hands at the cop as though he were her servant interrupting her. Malice considered this to be cracks in the governments authority.

    Malice is a smart, witty, knowledgeable guy. His interviews with Rubin, Rogan, Molyneux, and of course Woods are worth listening to. He explains how sensible the N. Korean regime is considering what it is. With Rogan they get pretty diverse, even talking about wild animals. Good stuff.