Friday, October 20, 2017

Senate Passes Budget: Rand Paul Responds to His Republican Senators Who Passed the Bill

Senate Republicans late Thursday passed the fiscal 2018 budget.

It passed on a 51-49 vote.

Senator Rand Paul heroically voted "no" and issued the following statement after the vote:
The American people are sick and tired of Congress spending recklessly with no end in sight. We can’t spend our way to prosperity. Today, the Senate considered a budget that simply didn’t measure up and spent too much. I will fight for the biggest, boldest tax cut we can pass, but I could not in good conscience vote for a budget that ignores spending caps that have been the law of the land for years and simply pretend it didn’t matter. We can be for lower taxes AND spending restraint.
In a tweet, he let his fellow Republicans senators have it for passing the huge budget:


  1. Come on Rand you didnt expect anything less than what you got now did you.

  2. If he keeps this up, I'm gonna send him a check.