Saturday, October 14, 2017

THE PLOTTING CONTINUES: Pence Met With Supply-Side Economists

News is breaking that on Wednesday, Vice-President Mike Pence with Heritage Foundation economist Steve Moore, conservative economist Larry Kudlow and former President Ronald Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer to discuss a range of topics including who could be the next most effective Fed leader, according to FOX Business.

I wonder if they had a good laugh about the Laffer Curve.

All three economists and Pence are not responding to questions about the meeting---over even willing to confirm it took place.

From AP:
A spokeswoman for Pence declined to comment.  Laffer also declined to comment and Kudlow did not return FOX Business’ emails for comment. When reached by phone on Thursday, Moore did not deny the meeting took place, quickly saying “I can’t talk about that,” and then hung up.



  1. RW --

    Mebbe they don't have youe phone number?

  2. I tweeted out the link to Laughing at the Laffer Curve to Larry Kudlow on October 8th.